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AA Residence

Location: Riyadh / Saudi Arabia 

Area: 500 sqm

Type: Residential Project 

Year: 2022

A dynamic drama / interaction with the design elements brings dynamic changes to the interiors, changing the perceived experience and feel of the spaces. 

To further enhance the sense of drama and luxury, an elegant blend of natural warm-toned materials was used

in the interior palette, such as wood, bronze metal, and natural stones.

The design language of the interior elements enhanced the quality of the architectural spaces by carefully defining them with material selection and crisp lines. 

A creative separation between the main sitting room and the staircase was introduced with a TV wall design and a fireplace platform, which is an extension of the first two steps connecting both spaces visually and physically. 

All artworks and sculptures were carefully situated in the interiors in relation to the design lines and vistas. 

Living room interior design تصميم مودرن لصالة معيشة