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Updated: May 27, 2021

Despite all the difficulties we have been through in 2020, I felt happy to see how people are expecting 2021 with a positive attitude.

I saw on different platforms of Social Media how people are trying to cope with the stress and uncertainty of the situation. Personally, I was inspired to create and I found that it helped me a lot!

I will be posting more about my 3D creations on my Instagram page. Follow me there for future updates!!

During the last year, I felt that creating and making have helped me cope all the stress and uncertainty we all went through. That's why I decided to create more and share more about it!

So, I decided to buy a 3D printer!

I'm sharing here with you my first creation on the 3D printer. I chose to create this design that is related to the new year celebrations as a motive for me to continue creating and making...and sharing!

My 3D Printer..

After researching for the best budget friendly #3dprinter, I decided to get a Prusa Mini.

I will be experimenting more with it in the future. However, the quality so far is fantastic!

I used for this particular print a beautiful white color PLA filament from Prusament

It's worth mentioning that this is a Draft Print! using default settings..

Happy 2021 everyone! and hope this year inspires you to create and encourages you to enjoy doing what you really love!

Link to Filament used in this print

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