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Updated: Feb 3, 2022

A Simple Guide for Architects and Designers to Create Creative and Interesting Furniture Layouts.

furniture layout for a residential renovation project
Residential Renovation Project

It is sometimes overwhelming for architects and designers to start creating furniture layouts for their projects specially with all the available options of amazing furniture designs in the market. However, most of the times architects find themselves stuck with furniture blocks they already have in their CAD or BIM library and end up creating boring and classical furniture layouts.

I will share with you here, from my experience, how I find the best furniture drawings / BIM models to use in my designs and how you need to think of your furniture layout design in order to get the most interesting and creative layouts.

First, I will show you some of the latest furniture layouts I created for both residential and office projects and I will explain to you exactly where to get furniture blocks from for each category so stay tuned!

Layout for a common area in an office
Creative Office Common Areas

Open plan residential project
Open Plan Residential Furniture Layout

Okay .. So where should I start from?

Well, first of all it's important to discuss with your client the style of furniture they prefer.

I advise you to always suggest suitable styles to your client and explain to them why you think your suggestions will compliment the design.

The easiest way for you to visualize it and, to clearly be able to communicate it with your client, is by creating a simple mood board with the style of furniture you are suggesting for the project.

Examples of furniture boards used to show the client the style of the furniture

Once you get the approval on the style, start sketching some ideas and arrangements.

I, personally found this way to be helpful since I will be using those sketches and mood boards later to hunt for the perfect furniture blocks!

It's About to Get Messy!

After that I would usually start browsing my favorite furniture websites to download the furniture blocks and use them in my layouts.

You have to always remember that design is not a straight forward process! there will be a lot of trail-and-error in the process so be patient!

Most of the furniture companies provide drawings of their products available on their websites for architects and designers to download and use in their designs. Some of them require registration to download while others don't.

Download area on Minotti Furniture website

Here is a list of my favorite furniture websites to download furniture blocks from:

- For Residential Projects

- For Office Projects

In general, Archiproducts is a highly recommended website to browse furniture brands and download the latest furniture blocks so make sure to check it out!

Don't hesitate to contact furniture companies to provide you with the drawings of their products. Usually they area more than happy to assist you with this.

One last tip! always study other architects plans and get some inspiration from the way they think about their furniture layouts. You can find the best furniture plans on the following websites:

Take your time creating your personal library and make sure to enjoy the process!

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