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Updated: Apr 18, 2022

I enjoy working on architectural spaces and experiences that are surreal and out of this world...because why not!

We are blessed with all the tools that allow us to get wild with our imaginations and actually visualize them and share them with the whole world.

Recently, I developed this artistic scene for an idea I had in mind for a while...

The floating Light Installation... an element that would juxtapose and contrast an empty rigid space...

I usually start with a small hand sketch before jumping to the computer...In this particular scene, I used #Rhino in general, and #Grasshopper for modeling some of the elements in the scene like the ceiling panels since I was experimenting with the composition and the camera at the beginning and I wanted the ceiling panels to follow the size of the space as I was changing it...

After that, for rendering, I used #Enscape and I got to say that it took me a while to actually come up with the final result but it was worth it in the end...

I should give credit to Modulus render for his amazing Enscape Tutorials on #YouTube...

his tutorials helped me a lot developing my Enscape rendering skills so check out his channel if you are interested!

Finally, for post-production, I used #Photoshop to enhance some features like the ceiling lights, the contrast of the image, and the color of the tree!

I included the source files on this blog post so that you can download them for free and see how I actually worked on the scene...

Source Files
Download ZIP • 19.35MB

Stay inspired and empowered with the tools that you have in hand to create the most amazing and unique architectural experiences!

Finally, Make sure to also check the videos explaining both the artistic and the technical sides of this scene...

First Video ( The Artistic Side )

Second Video ( The Technical Side )

See you in another Surreal world!

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