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Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Tabula Rasa is a series of inspirational boards that I will be sharing with you every month on my website and they are all available for download.

I These types of boards serve the purpose of curating aesthetic images which combined would deliver a certain mood, style, and even a topic to discuss.

I The board of this month combines both masculine and feminine elements in total harmony and balance...a neutral palette that is inspired by tones and textures found in nature.

Structured and classical Wassily chair complemented with a bold Camaleonda sofa and other minimal yet pure shaped pieces.

I With this exercise, you train yourself to find inspiration all around without being limited to a certain trend or style. This is where the name of the series came from... Tabula Rasa is the clean slate where there are no preconceived empty sheet of paper where you can pour all your ideas on.

Main Furniture pieces featured in this board /

The Wassily chair by Marcel Breuer.

The Camaleonda Sofa by Mario Bellini.

Feel free to save the boards and use them as inspiration for your projects!

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