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VITA Restaurant 

Location: Jizan / Saudi Arabia 

Area: 50 sqm

Type: Commercial Project / Casual Restaurant 

Year: 2022

To enhance the customer's journey inside the restaurant's limited area, a compact spatial organization solution was provided. The solution, which is a continuous partition, defined the space into two main areas, the customer's and the employees' service areas, with no cross circulation. 

The proposed partition connected the main stops in the customer's experience based on the designed journey by the owners. The partition hides behind it the service counters and contains openings for the interaction between the customer and the employee behind the counters.

The restaurant's philosophy is to provide modern healthy fresh, and organic food in the most convenient way.

The brand also encourages people to share their recipes with other customers as a way of interaction

inside the space. 

To reflect the restaurant's philosophy and to bring awareness to the community around it, biodegradable and natural materials were used in the design, like polycarbonate sheets which provided pattern and texture and gave the interior a modern and fresh look, while the natural wood brought warmth.

Plants were utilized as a natural design element, and terrazzo was used for the flooring. 

It is worth mentioning that, all seating elements are designed to be made of recycled plastics. 

Wooden frames define the main openings, and a grid of 50x50 plywood support is used to fix the polycarbonate sheets on the partition. 

The same language of design continues to the exterior on the facade where plants are defining the entrance giving a glimpse of the interior.