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WD Residence

Location: Amman / Jordan

Area: 165 sqm

Type: Residential Project / Renovation

Year: 2020 

Collaboration with Ramiz Ayoub Architects

3D renders by Noktur

A dialogue of elements / The existing architectural language and elements were interpreted

in a modern, timeless way. Some of the main characteristics of the spaces, like the strong symmetry and

arched openings, were preserved and used in the proposed design language and direction.

Photos of the Current Situation


Design Process and Material Selection 

Considering the existing structure, the main focus was on utilizing the main axes to enhance the relationship between the spaces physically and visually and organize the circulation in the overall area.

A strong layering system of spatial elements (arched openings) created a sense of permeability and visual openness. This simple yet elegant treatment provided a beautiful sense of depth as well.

Also, the visual connection was controlled in some areas by adding design elements (display unit partitions)

to provide semi-privacy and separation where needed.

Vaulted Ceilings in the Corridors and Lobbies /

Transitional spaces like corridors and lobbies were defined by sculptural vaulted ceilings connected seamlessly to the walls to achieve unity and continuity.

Choosing a minimal palette of materials emphasized the purity of the created forms in those spaces.


The dining room and reception area furniture arrangements followed a symmetrical order.

The furniture style for those areas was simple and rich, with some sculptural pieces to complement

the new interiors.


Grand and sculptural space with Travertine marble flooring.

The arched openings are framed and defined strongly with antique bronze.